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  • Mr. Kim’s Convenience, Netflix
  • Money Heist / La Casa De Papel, Netflix


Madagascar: 7/10 - pretty fun, lemers are funny, penguins are funny, some good jokes, good message.


Elf: 9/10 - Elf was my favorite movie growing up. I used to watch it year-round. There are just too many funny moments. I got burnt out after the 100th time and could still probably quote a good chunk of it.

Home Alone 3: 8/10 - A classic. Seriously that kid Alex is so smart and probably a CEO of a tech company now.

Moroccan Christmas: 7/10 - Phylis plans a Morracan themed party. Meridith drinks too much, catches on fire. Michael gives an intervenetion which leads to the line “Have you ever under the influence of alcolhol questioned the teachings of the Mormon Church?” Dwight buys up all the Unicorn Human dolls (My Horn Can Pierce The Sky)