Data Science

  • SSAC Sloan talks
  • CounterPoints More sports analytics
  • Towards Data Science The medium based club

News + Politics

  • NPR Politics Podcasts Unbiased information about what is going on in the world of politics


  • Office Ladies An intensely detailed summary of The Office from Pam and Angela!
  • Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Weekly news game show that is comedic and relaxing


  • How I Built This Learn how some of the most famous companies got started.
  • Kneading Dough: The Podcasts Awesome sports podcast feature LeBron James’s folks that talk to athletes and how they handle money
  • The Zane Lowe Interview series
    • The interviews with Kayne West are so interesting. It’s been crazy to see Kayne’s life change as he’s gone from a wrapper to a “Christian Innovator”. I, as a God-believer myself, admire Kayne’s desire to follow God. And I also think he’s spreading the message of Christ. He is by no means perfect, even now, but I appreciate his efforts.

    His albums are insane and inspiring. One thing I love about Kanye is his swagger. The dude literally says in this show “There is no doubt, I am the greatest artist to ever live” and I just admire that. Is he arrogant? Yes. But I love the confidence he has in himself.

    I also admire how much he ignores what others think of him. You can say what you want but Kanye gonna Kanye. Does he ignore people that are probably right? Yes, probably. But it’s also that disregard to those voices that allows him to do amazing things.

    He’s crazy, but I love him.

    Idea for a data viz: “Ode To Kanye”. Look at his Tweets, look at his lyrics.


  • The Indicator Short, think around 10 minutes, snippets of economic genius
  • Plant Money Probably my favorite podcast

  • The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast
  • Motley Fool Money Information about stocks and investing
  • WorkLife with Adam Grant


  • Book of Basketball 2.0 Bill Simmons follow up to his book
  • Thinking Basketball Analytics and more in-depth basketball discussions

Chemical Engineering (energy + O&G)

  • Boomtown Docu series on what it’s like to be in oil in West Texas


  • Radio Sweden pa latt svenska News in easy Swedish