Inpsiring People


Jesse Itzler

This guy is incredible. Part rapper, part ultra-athelte, part NBA owner, part Dad, part coconut water, part Jet company, part husband; this guy does it all.

Interview With Joe Rogan:

Interview with friend (and other guy who inspires me), Rich Roll.

How He Describes Happiness:

Interview with Tom Bilyeu:


Mark Cuban

Garrett Gee

Easily my favorite entrepreneur? Is the the richest? No. Is this business the most profitable? No. Is it the coolest product? Meh. But I love that he does whatever he wants.

His story:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Another clip:

Traveling Around the World with His Family Now

Traveling full time:

Elon Musk

I just think this guy is insane. He tries to solve so many problems I can’t keep up.

Rich Roll

Gary Vanurchuk

This is my all time favorite motivational video. It starts with Joe Rogan but then has a bunch of Gary Vee.

Should you quit your job?

Jamie Siminoff

Jamie Siminoff started Ring which he later sold to Amazon for $1 billion.

I fell in love with his story by listening to his “How I Built This” interview with Guy Raz.

You can listen to the pod here.

The thing I love about him is he went to college for business and started a company right away doing business plans. He had no idea how to do business plans but got lucky and got a client, then another, then another.

He said “I didn’t need to write business plans for the whole world, just my next client” indicating he knew he wasn’t going to change the world but just needed the next person to pay him.

He ends up in Voice Over IP, does some stuff. He finds himself, starting business, growing them up, and selling them to pretty much break even.

He sits and comes up with Edison Jr which is a toy tinkering lab he runs with some “kids” where they brainstorm their next good idea. He tries a few things, like modular patio gardening. While workign in the garage, he can’t hear or see his door and hence can’t answer it. He tinkers up with DoorBot, but doesn’t think much of it. He comes up with a CrowdSourcing website and goes to debut it with the first product being DoorBot.

People love DoorBot and show interest. Just when he’s beaten and not sure what to do, he luckily gets in touch with the folks at Shark Tank and lands on the show. He bets A LOT to be on the show, but can’t strike a deal. Luckily, millions of Americans watched and had interest and started to order.

There’s a tragic event around Christmas where he lost all hope.

His wife is so supportive. She is working and supporting them while he is at Edison Jr. And when the Christmas fiasco occurs she says, “Let’s just mortgage the house!”

You can read his story on Inc


John Krasinskyi


Andrey Arshavin

Lebron James

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Kanye West

Has Kayne lived a perfect life? No. Has he done incredibly stupid things? Yes. But for some reason, I am so inspired by Kanye. His talent is undeniable. He’s been absolutely incredible. He releases fantastiac albums, that each have their own flavor and is quite different, yet it remains so good.

I love how he does not care about what people think about him. That’s a blessing and a curse. It is what has allowed him to go crazy and do stupid things…but without it, I’m not sure he is where he is.

His talent in producing, writing, and performing is just unmatched. Also, he’s not confident, he’s atrosishily arrogant. But I love people that are like that, with the talent to back it up. You’ll see this trend in my inspirations. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is another very similar.

I loved listening to Zane Lowe’s 2019 interview with Kanye at his ranch in Wyoming.

One of my favorite quotes Kayne gives:

I am unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest human artist of all time

I just can’t handle the confidence!

To understand Kanye’s standpoint and why he is the way he is, listen to his interview with Joe Rogan:

Justin Bieber

I remember years ago when JB got started. iTunes was still a thing and they used to have weekly, free songs. I remember seeing Baby and getting it for free. I played it having no idea about the artist, and I thought “Wow, Justin is usually a name for a boy.” But after his preteen years, Justin has become an absolute force. His album Changes is one of my all time favorite albums.

But I really grew admiration for Justin while watching his min-docu series on YouTube. The dude is just so good. He has incredible talent. And has he been perfect? No. But I’ve really seen a change in him lately and I admire his humility and change in his life.

You can check out an interview with him by Zane Lowe and learn more about Changes

Programming / Data Science

Chris Albon

Really great resources on coding in general.

Amelia Wattenberger

Queen of D3[]

Will Koehrsen

Great medium material

Peter Beshair

Dope Data Viz Wize

Kalle Hallden