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Tiger King felt all-encompassing

Flash back to mid March 2020. The Corona virus was just hitting America seriously, or rather, the US had suddenly realized the threat of COVID19. The NBA was suspended, late night shows canceled, movie theaters closed, and the world was starting to #StayAtHome. Who would come to our rescue and save us from boredom? Tiger King.

Tiger King was released March 20, 2020 and was an instant success. Netflix had hit gold. It was the entertainment. Everyone was watching it. Twitter was going nuts. Was it good? I dunno. Was I entertained? Yeah, I was.

I wondered how Tiger King’s instant fame compared to some other Netflix originals. I used Google Trends data and mapped it to the release dates of those orignals. I then used Flourish to create an animated line chart comparing a few of the shows.

You’ll notice Tiger King has had a start only paralleled by Stranger Things 2 & 3; pretty amazing for a new show.

Google Trends isn’t the best source of data, but I mean, if you’re looking for information on something, where do you go?

The data was obviously listed per date, I went through and looked up all the data on when it was released and did the subtraction.

Google Trends also has a limit of 5 terms to look for at once, hence only 5 shows. Choosing the shows was hard, but I ended up going with some combination of what I liked and what had a few seasons so I could have more “shows” (I just had the times change).

I put this animation up on TikTok and it went viral. It garned 180K views with +3k likes and 40+ comments. My first and only taste of TikTok fame.


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