Utah: Crush The Curve Location Tracking

1 minute read

Google recently posted data to illustrate how mobility has changed during #StayAtHome You can find the report here. Someone webscraped the raw data and made it available here.

But the Google report was a bit had to compare and not that pretty, so I made this graph.

Find your county on the left-hand side of the screen and see how your county’s activity has changed compared to how it usually is.

Bars are colored by topic as indicated at the top.

If a colored bar is pointing to the left, that means activity for this topic has decreased. If the colored bar points to the right, that means activity has increased.

Interpret how you will. Things I notice are:

  • Increase of green bars on the right => more people getting out and enjoying parks. I love this; enjoy nature and outdoors

  • Utah County has an increase in transit stations. I’d really be curious why this is. I hope this isn’t true…

  • Millard and San Juan have huge spikes in grocery stores. Hoard much?

  • Every county has decreased in workplace traffic. This is awesome. I’m a firm believe in #WorkFromHome when you can. Heck, I want it to last even past the virus.