Data Science Projects

I Truly Believe In Personal Projects

In my opinion, there is no better way to show off you passion, skill, and drive than by doing a personal project. But even more importantly, I think doing a project about something you love is the best way to learn. You can learn all you want through videos, lectures, reading, but for me, the best way to learn is through actually doing.

If you don’t believe my words, you can check out my portfolio page. Most of those are personal projects.

What Makes A Good Project?

A good project must:

  • Answer interesting questions
  • Push yourself and your skill set
  • Be reachable
  • Be interesting to you

How To Get Started?

Think about something you love; could be sports, could be art, could be movies. Think of an interesting question about that topic. Where do most pitchers pitch? What’s the relationship between year and cost of art pieces. What actors have the highest movie ratings.

You can also think about the industry you want to be in. What is important to them? What problems are they trying to solve? Then, set out on your own to solve their problem for them.

You Need Data!

You can check out my dataset page to find places to find data.


Kaggle competitions are always pretty interesting and you could make money!

Sports Data




  • In a given city, what paths could you take to see several attractions.
  • Based on historic fire locations, where is the optimal place to build a firestation?
  • Safe path recommendations between point A and point B.
  • See how academic papers relate and cite eachother.