Apple’s Instructions

You can read how Apple suggest to do podcasts. It might be better than my instructions. Read here

1) Record Your Audio

I use Audacity to record my audio. I’m not in love with it…but I might have an older version. There is probably better software out there for recording audio. Export that audio file.

2) Load File to Host

Your audio has to be hosted somewhere. I use SoundCloud. Once again, not in love, but it works. Upload your audio files to the hoster. Most have a free version and if you want a certain number of hosted hours, you’d have to more to premium.

Here’s the how to of hosting on SoundCloud from SoundCloud themselves.

Here’s how my podcast for my old spirituality podcasts looks like:

You’ll have to go into your account’s settings to find the RSS feed URL.

3) Go to Apple’s Submit a Podcast page

Follow the instructions here.


Is it free?

It’ll all depend on who is hosting your files. It ain’t cheap to host bigger audio files. Most sites will give you like 100 free hours hosted. If you have 100 episodes, that are one hour long, and want to keep all those previous podcasts available, you’d have to pay for the 101st.

What do you need?

1) Recording Software (like Audacity) 2) Hosting Account (like SoundCloud) 3) Submit to Podcast App (like Apple Podcasts)