Small vs Big Company

Where to find jobs?

[] has a lot of great jobs. The EasyApply make it especially easy to apply to many jobs quickly. I’m a big fan of LinkedIn so I find myself using this quite a bit.

[] is pretty powerful for software/developer jobs. I like it because the filters are really built for my needs. There’s a background filter that let’s you put the role you’re interested in. That tag also allows for min and max experience needed as well as job type (full-time, contract, internship). There’s a remote toggle directly (which I love).

[] has start up company positions open. These can include equity, stock shares, or other perks.

[] has some good jobs. I also think they have the best salary and interview question checker.

Harnham does Data Science recruiting and have some higher paying positions.

Find Y2 Combinator Jobs and work for the next Uber, AirBnB, ect.