Hardest Thing To Realize

When you’re starting to program, I think the hardest thing to realize is, code is just text. That’s it. It is just letters on a page. Pretty much everything you write, at least in Python, could be written in notepad and saved as a .txt.

It’s not like Powerpoint where in order to make Powerpoint, you open Powerpoint. To write code, you just need any text editor. Different text editors have different features, but at the end of the day, they read the code pretty much the same and it doesn’t really matter (to the computer at least) which one you use.

That being said, the text editor you select can affect you! Some have better features than others, some are easier to use, some allow for more complications. Choose wisely.

VS code

I’m currently testing out VS Code. I’ve been a Spyder guy for a long time…and then secondarily Jupyter Notebook. But at work, I’ve been dipping into VS Code and so I thought I’d check it out at home.

I’m reading (this link)[] to learn how to run these Jupyter like cells within VS Code.