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General Infrastructure Engineering



Checked out Bill Jia’s talk at “Performance @Scale 2018”.

“The highest throughput, with acceptable latency, in the smallest footprint” – Performance and Capacity Engineering @ Facebook

“Without data, and with analysis of data, you’re not working on performance. You’re working on something else” – Bill Jia, Facebook

Consider: architecture, code base, infrastructure, hardware

Looked at the Data Center Performance adn Capacity Engineer job post
  • Provide deep visibility into power, performance and health.
  • Help optimize capacity usage (run simulations to determine utilization parameters)
  • Identify bottle necks
  • Develop simulation models and tools to monitor data center capacity performance and utilization. Write monitoring, reporting, data-mining tools to do performance and capacity-related tests and analysis.
  • MySQL, Hadoop.
Read Bill Jia’s Publication, Machine Learning at Facebook: Understanding Inference at the Edge.
  • “Machine Learning is used by most Facebook services”
  • Ranking posts for News Feed, content understanding, AR/VR, speech recognition.
  • RNNs, decision trees, logistic regression
  • Desire to bring that to edge
  • Optimizations include: model architecture search, weight compression, quantization, algorithmic complexity reduction, and microarchitecture.
  • Optimizations enable edge inference to run on mobil CPUs. Only a small fraction of inference currently run on mobile GPU’s.
  • Use of PyTorch and Caffe2
  • Two internal packages NNPACK and QNNPACK
Learned about Flame Charts by Brendan Gregg
  • Way of seeing what parts are consuming the most resources.
  • Hierarchical; within that part what is consuming the most.

Some relevant notes:

  • CloudComputing
  • CapacityEngineering
  • OpenShift
  • Kubernetes
  • Hadoop
  • APIs