Color is special

Color calls attention to information, increases the beauty, make it more memorable.

Best/Easiest Resource

My current go-to Input Hex, RGB, or use color picker…then see complementary, triadic, monochromic schemes, conversions (hex, RGB, HSL, HSV, and a bunch I don’t know about) alternatives, shades and tints, tones, even color blindness simulators.

Help you find themes, translate

My close second favorite color resource

Good principles

From storytelling with data

Colors for Maps

The Color Brewer This is made by Cynthia Brewer. She’s a good follow on Twitter as well @ColorBrewer. She also has a book that looks interesting.

What do colors mean?

Associating emotions and thoughts with colors

You also have to consider what colors might mean. Red is often negative and maybe shouldn’t be used for profits. For instance, red and green as a pair denote Christmas often, they also denote green as good and red as bad.

Best Hip Colors

Color of The Year These colors are great subs to spice up any of your visualizations. It goes back to 2000, so you have about 20 unique options alone from this resource. Lists colors in Hex and RGB.

Converting RGB to Hex Python

Coming in Clutch!

Representing Color Digitally


RBG is the most common form. It is an additive color model where red, green, and blue lights are mixed to make the different lights.


This model is another way of looking at color. H is ‘Hue’ or color. S is ‘Saturation’. And V is ‘Lightness’. Hue is the color. Lightness makes it from white to the color. And saturation is from white to black.

Color Considerate

10% of males and 1% of femals are RG colorblind. You’ll wait to make sure the colors you use are visible for are.