Six Sigma

Six Sigma is not process improvement, it is actually problem solving. The process improvement is just a part of Six Sigma. The problems don’t have to be bad, just not fully optimized. For instance, if you have a profit margin of 4%, and that’s good, it could still be 5%. Often you might not think something is a process, instead you’re going to think, is there a metric you want to improve or raise?

Continuous Improvement


DMAIC stands for “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control”. This was largely started by Motorola, and edited by GE.

Problems with no proven solution.

Y is the problem. X is the cause.

Good, old cause and effect analysis.

You want to lose weight, it is DMAIC.


Lean is the removal of waste.

They’re looking at non-value added steps or activity.

Want to get to work faster, it is lean.

Y is the cycle time. X is the non-value added activity.

Value Added Criteria

Value means it changes the thing.The customer would pay for it. Done right the first time.


DFSS = Design for Six Sigma

DMADV = Define, measure, analyze, design, and verify.

Create new products, new process.

Existing has reached entitlement (reached optimized quota)

Going to buy a new truck.

Y is the customer’s needs. X is the solution.

Go Do

Updating to the latest version of a software since the one you’re on now is now longer supported.

Putting a new filter in a truck because gas mileage has gone down.