To use R, you’ll have to download R. I prefer to do all my R work in the IDE, RStudio.

RStudio is an IDE for R, sort of like Spyder for Python. Within RStudio, I prefer to use RMarkdown which is pretty similar to something like a Jupyter Notebook. Markdown text, with R code snippits that run and have results.



Some Coding Tips + Tricks

Reading in a csv

airbnb <- read.csv('airbnb_data.csv')

What type of variable?

’'’r typeof(var) ‘’’

To masking or subsetting of rows by conditions, try filter function:

t1_ctrl = PlantGrowth
t1_ctrl = t1_ctrl %>% filter(group == "trt1" |  group == "ctrl")

t2_ctrl = PlantGrowth
t2_ctrl = t2_ctrl %>% filter(group == "trt2" |  group == "ctrl")

See this site

To create a dummy variable

’’‘{r} Salaries_Dataset<- Salaries_Dataset %>% mutate(AssocProf = ifelse(rank==”AssocProf”,1,0)) %>% mutate(Prof = ifelse(rank==”Prof”,1,0))


To find the average of a vector

’’‘{r} mean(treatment2) ‘’’

To combine strings in R

’’‘{r} paste(‘Control : ‘ , toString(mean(control))) ‘’’