Why LinkedIn

Social media is the fuel to starting any business or brand. Websites were first, then the revolution of Facebook, which rolled into Instagram. That’s probably the mainstream way of showing off your brand currently, Instagram. But think about it, only a fraction of your followers see your posts, maybe 10%. It’s because Instagram is so content rich. It has too many posts.

LinkedIn, shows you people’s comments; shows you posts you don’t even follow. Because it is content poor. There’s not enough posts and hence they show you more than you bargain for.

There is a golden opportunity to make content on LinkedIn. There is less competition for views, which a hungry audience.

Spice Up Your Profile

You can add some emoji’s to your header or about by using this article.

What Makes A Good Post

1) Strong Start: LinkedIn posts really only have 3 lines to hook someone in. That’s all you see while you’re scrolling. You must ensure you have a great hook.

2) Post People/Groups: People see stuff they follow and that means groups and people. Can you tag someone or an organization?

3) Be Sure to Respond To Comments: Responding will boost the interaction and number of times it is seen

4) Use Hashtags: What hashtags are relevant to your post? You can search a hashtag and

5) Have a Call To Action: Have them do something! The easiest (and maybe most effective) is to have them comment. Ask them a question. Answer yourself with the first comment.

6) Post at the Right Time: Early morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

8) Use emojis: Using emojies makes it easier, and more fun to read. If you’re on your phone they’re easy to add. On a computer, use this link and copy and paste.

9) Use Line Breaks: Having paragraphs make posts hard to read, use enter often.

10) Like and Comment Your Own Post: Be the first to engage. Comments on posts make them viewed more.

Gary Vee’s $1.80 Strategy for LinkedIn