Data Science in Social Media

How does a social media platform use data science?

They have to decide who sees, which posts.

The easiest way to roll this out is have two simple rules:

  • you see all your connections posts
  • you see them in the order they’re posted (most recent at top)

This isn’t ideal to make people stay on social media apps longer (which is the goal of the algo), and hence they try to maximize this by showing content you’d most be interested in.

Interest can be determined by lots of things. How often you’ve liked their posts, how often you’ve messaged them, how many shared connections you have, how much time you spend on their profile or their content.

If they’ve seen it already.

You also decide who to suggest to follow for each person. Recommendations of who they might like to follow

Notes from Entre

Tell me about yourself and what you’ve done.

Small, immediate group chats

Score decrease over time.

who have you worked with

have you worked with start ups

How do you usually work with companies? reatainer, hourly, equity, per project

How do you work with front end?

do you know javascript