Data Science in Manufacturing

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing means to “make something on a large scale using machinery”. This encompasses many processes included, but not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vehicles (cars, planes)
  • Consumer goods
  • Semiconductors

How can data science be used?

Industry 4.0

Large Scale machine-to-machine communication via Internet of Things that increases automation and self-monitoring to perform tasks without human intervention

How can Data Science be used in Oil and Gas?

In oil and gas, you try to find oil in the ground, and turn that oil into a more valuable resource. There are three main processes:

1) Upstream: Getting oil out of the ground

2) Midstream: Transporting the oil from where you got it out of the ground to somewhere else

3) Downstream: Transforming the oil into useful products

Each of these processes can use data science in different ways to provide value and increase efficiency. Sometimes similar methods and techniques can be used in all three processes.

  • Process Economic Optimization
    • A signal specifying the optimal amounts of the raw materials to buy, and products to make to fully maximize profit, while keeping all other obligations.
    • What you have to know:

    1) How much your raw materials cost.

    2) How much you can sell your products for.

    3) The governing equations of the process. Or data that encompasses the process to create a model.

    • Solved through Linear Programming optimization.
  • Anomaly Detection
    • Be able to know when a process is going wrong and what is causing it.
    • Solved through PCA and Hotelling’s T^2.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    • Know when to fix something before it needs fixing
  • Price Prediction
    • Predict the price of your raw materials or products
    • Solved via some sort of machine learning regression
  • Demand Forecasting
    • What will the demand for this product be in 3 months?
  • Shipping Sales Decisions
    • When should I send the ship to pick up the supplies?
    • Where should I send my products?
  • Chemical Reaction Modeling
    • If I have these materials going into my reactor, what can I expect coming out?
  • Satellite Image Information
    • Is that an iceberg or something else.
    • How much tank storage does this refinery have?
  • Process Control
  • Quality and Process Monitoring

How can Data Science be used in Vehicles?

  • Self Driving

  • Route Optimization