Chemical Engineering

What can Chemical Engineers do in computing?

In summary, ChemE’s as classically trained, don’t do a ton of data science related activities. The most common is process controls stuff. Of course they have a role in helping produce softwares like Pro2, Aspen Plus, and Aspen Hyses, but I don’t think they do much from the computation stand point.

Some ChemE’s are introduced to optimization in grad school and end up in a Optimization and Simulation. But usually out of undergrad, most aren’t super qualified for it. But that’s not to say a business wouldn’t give you an optimization role out of undergrad; it is just rare.

If you’ve taken stats, I could see ChemE’s doing statistical process control / monitoring. That’s actually probably a decent area for ChemE’s, but I’d say those jobs aren’t super common.

If you want to do computers in ChemE?

You could get a Grad Certificate in Data Science for the Chemical Industry at Georgia Tech. You can see the link

University of Washington also has an Advanced Data Science Masters in Chemical Engineering option