Buying a House

I was lucky enough to buy my first house at age 23. My wife was 21. We loved our first house. It was amazing. It was much needed after living as cheap as we could for 4 years.

What Does A Buying Agent Do?

From my experience, this is what a real estate agent typically does:

1) has you explain what you’re looking for 2) set up automatically generated emails to be sent as new properties pop up on the market that match you terms 3) will set up showings and go look at any property with you 4) will point things out you may not realize (might need work here, busy street there)

You can just use the seller’s agent, but seller’s agents has a fiduciary duty to help the seller.

Having trouble with your real estate agent?

If you’re having issues with your real estate agent, you’ll want to read through these steps before doing anything

Who Pays Commission

Real estate commission is typically 5-6%. Usually the buying agent and selling agent split the commission to around 3% each.

If you are buying a home, you don’t have to pay the real estate agent commission.

If you’re selling the home, you pretty much need to pay 6% in commission.


Do not sign everything until you understand what in the world is going on.

What’s Included In Closing Costs?

When you’re buying, you typically have to pay the earnest money which lets you know you are interested.

Then you get a home inspection (~$500). They tell you everything that is wrong with the house.

Then you get an appraisal (~$500)

My Notes

Lindon - 5 minutes Pleasant Grove - 10 minutes Orem - 10 minutes Vineyard - 15 minutes American Fork - 15 minutes Cedar Hills - 17 Minutes Lehi - 20 minutes Saratoga (North East) - 20 minutes Draper - 26 minutes Springville - 25 minutes away

With no property tax and no insurance and 10% downpayment and 0.5% PMI:

260,000 - $1052 280,000 - $1133 300,000 - $1200 325,000 - $1315 350,000 - $1417 375,000 - $1518 400,000 - $1619 425,000 - $1720 450,000 - $1822 500,000 - $2024 525,000 - $2125

What We Are Looking For With A House:

Honestly, the most important thing to us is the price and the location. We’d really like to be max 25 minutes from the Pennock’s (160 South 1140 East, Lindon, UT).

We’d also rather live somewhere we can afford more easily, so we can spend more money having fun on vacation. We could do $425k, but I’d rather be in the $300’s…Or have a mother in law / apartment.

A garage and a backyard are a must. They both can be small, but just need them.

Not necessary, but nice:

  • master closet that isn’t tiny
  • dual sinks in master

Stuff That You’ve Sent Us:

To be honest, if the location isn’t really ideal (East), I don’t think I’d pay over $400. Unless you can convince us other wise. I’m more interested in a less nice house. $415 new build in AF. I like this one, but the problem is, we’d want to close in january. I don’t know if any new builds are going to be done in January so we can close? $415 in AF. This one is okay, but I think it’s still a big high priced. 20 minutes from the Pennocks

Stuff we’ve been looking at:

Here are two mother in law’s that we looked at and kinda blew in the bidding: This was our dream but we got outbid. Great location, mother in law, pretty cheap. $440. The one that got away. It’s now sold. We also almost went under contract here. Everyone convinced us there were too many projects. We kinda regret it as well. It looks like it is pending though.

These would have been awesome. We sent them to our old realtor but he didn’t really do anything. Now they are pending:

  • AF for $375k
  • vineyard for $400k
  • for $365

What We’re Interested In Seeing:

1) Actually pretty decent. I like the location. I like the inside. I like the backyard. It’s just on the pricier side for us (as a single family). $400k with a great location. Basketball hoops in the back.

2) $260 little twin. This one is only accepting offers till Friday.I like the inside enough. Has a garage and backyard. It is by state street and the neighborhood doesn’t look great? :/

3) $475 mother in law in PG…..but the downstairs is kinda weird.

4) $378, huge lot, really good location. Seems like a good deal.

5) $323 townhouse by vineyard by golf course. Don’t love the wood look but looks like we can put up a fence and it’s the end!

6) $315 Provo town houseright by I15. Am I going to hate living on I15??? Really clean inside

7) $390 in lehi. really pretty house. but i think i would do $400 in orem

7) $415 in Springville with a mother in law……but 27 minutes to your parents

8) $370 in springville with a mother in law. 28 minutes to haley’s parents

Pretty Average but cheap

1) $350 in AF. It’s okay. 15 minutes from Pennock’s. Decent kitchen. Fire pit.

2) $280 west of state street in orem but it’s not bad to be honest. not a great location

3) $327 in orem. by state street. unfinished basement? But nice upstairs. Single garage.

2) $350 house in in PG by the PG Cemetery. Green kitchen. Kitchen is small. It’s okay. 10 minutes from the Pennock’s.

3) Pretty average house but okay location. $350 in orem. Small kitchen. 10 minutes away from the Pennocks.


  • Vineyard: I just wanna know Vineyard better
  • AF: East of freeway (all those townhomes) Mahagony Row
  • Townhomes around DoTERRA
  • AF: West of freeway (new builds) Stonecreek

Questions: $300 townhome in PG by doterra. if we could put up a fence, I’d be down. $340 townhome in Lehi, on end. Can we put up a fence here? Good house, good location, but on that busy street. Also, not clear if there is a separate entrance for the mother in law? $430 with potential for mother in law Only one enterance right $505k West of free way in Provo, 3 car garage. but like the sound of this….Provo City occupancy restriction required for lovely mother-in-law apartment with custom porcelain tile flooring and separate entrance and laundry.

Random: $240 townhouse. If this little townhome had a garage, it would be awesome. They even have tenents living there till july 2021 (good for us), but we’d be losing money on their rent! $372 in draper. Really nice. but 26 minutes away from pennocks $300 in draper. single garage but nice back yard $330 eagle mountain with unfinished basement $515 - Quaint, green draper house with really pretty inside and nice mother in law 5 minutes from haley’s parents