Hey! Nice to meet you.

Hey! I’m Avery. I’m a data nerd.

I’m a data scientist at ExxonMobil. I also do a lot of freelance and contract work check out my Upwork profile.

I’m originally from beautiful Sandy, Utah. I attended University of Utah where I earned my BS in Chemical Engineering. Yup, Chemical Engineering. During school, I ended up working as a data scientist at Vaporsens, a small bio-tech company (fun story). I also did some undergraduate research with Doctor Kody Powell in fault detection that ended up getting published in a special issue of IFAC. I interned with, and later accepted a full-time job with ExxonMobil in their Refinery Optimization Division in Houston, Texas, where I continue to work today. After my undergrad, I started grad school at Georgia Tech in their Master’s of Data Analytics which I’m continuing part time.

I’m married to the love of my life, with the most perfect goldendoodle you could ever imagine. Life is good!

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Our little family

This website is meant to be a portfolio of all of my side projects and some of my work and school projects. It’ll also have a bunch of my notes about data science, business, and life in general. And finally, it’ll have a bit of my musings and weird thoughts.

I’m always open to messages. I’m open to mentor, or be mentored. I’m interested in collaborations, freelance work, startups, and whatever else you have in mind.

You can email me, tweet me, find me on LinkedIn, or slide into my DM’s on Instagram.