Hi, I'm Avery Smith, and I'm obsessed with data 👨🏻‍💻

Don't believe me? My dog has her own fitbit 🐶 My iPhone app usage has a dashboard 📱 My Chick-Fil-A visits are already predicted for next month 🐥 I work as a data scientist at ExxonMobil ⛽ I run a data visualization Instagram account 📊 What more proof can I give? 🤪

I am excited to:

  1. Uncover valuable insight in your data
  2. Create beautiful dashboards and visuals that gives your organization clarity
  3. Develop apps using analytics and machine learning that help you understand your process better
  4. Teach you and your team how to use data science, code, and understand analytics

I solve data problems by:

wrangling data, exploring it thoroughly, cleaning it up, performing machine learning, understanding the statistics, making sweet visualizations, engaging others, building user interfaces, and communicating often. Rinse and repeat.

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